Tulleys Escape Rooms – Spellcraft – 9.5/10

Tulleys Escape Rooms – Spellcraft – 9.5/10

December 5, 2021 0 By ADminRKE

Crawley, West Sussex

The SpellCraft twins, Evilinda & Spellinda, two witches, two paths, two shops, two worlds, two journeys, their two magical worlds collide, and you find yourself in the middle of their story.

SpellCraft will take you on a magical adventure, you’ll need to work together, but in the end there’s always a battle, will you escape and who will win?

November 2021

Our host took us to a new section that Tulleys have opened up (yay new stuff!) and quickly got us in the zone for the magical task at hand. We were split into two teams and went down our usual route of ED and ARK.

Theme is something Tulleys do REALLY well! They are lucky enough to have a healthy budget but also use it really well to create an immersive and fun environment with lots of attention to detail and excellent props (one of these gave me a bit of a scare!). One particular room in Spellcraft is very cool in what it does and left us a bit disoriented (in a good way!).

Excellent variety of puzzles that kept us on our toes and a couple of bits we hadn’t seen before – this far down the line still seeing new stuff makes us very happy. We never want to have seen it all! In fact Spellcraft had us so much on our toes we only just managed to get out in time – not sure if we were rusty (my first room since July!) or it was just pitched at a nicely challenging level.

Tulleys website says 2-8 people but I’m really not sure how you’d get everything done with just 2 people. 4-6 is a good sweet spot – erring towards 6 for less experienced teams. 8 would probably be crowded at times.

Tulleys has a nice cafe on site but do note the opening hours don’t match the escape room ones so do check before you go.

Theme/immersion – 9.5

Puzzles – 9

Fun Factor – 9.5

Difficulty – 9.5


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