Tulleys Escape Rooms – Nethercott Manor – 8/10

Tulleys Escape Rooms – Nethercott Manor – 8/10

September 8, 2019 1 By ADminRKE

Crawley, West Sussex

The old manor house is entwined with local legend, the living don’t remember the Nethercott’s, the family’s hay day was long ago. Local folk talked, whispers were heard, rumours began, lights were seen within.

The Nethercott’s are long gone but something remains, an essence, a smell, a feeling, it’s in the fabric, in the walls, under the floor boards … it ticks, it creeks … take a trip into the past, uncover the family’s many secrets and glimpse their fleeting souls?

Played – September 2019

Our Host was Tyler and he did a good job of setting the scene. Even if he did take too much delight in our scares!

You can tell that a lot of effort was put into room decoration and it fitted the theme well. This is certainly an amazing premium experience!

Puzzles were varied a nice mix of physical and mental puzzles.

We failed to get out of this room only our second failure to date mainly because of our reluctance for clues and the sheer amount of things to do in the room! But, as weird as it sounds we will be back to experience the whole room at some point as there was quite a bit we missed. We’ll potentially re-score once we’ve seen the whole thing.

This is not a game for a newbie and should only be attempted by experienced escapers and I would say the more players the better I would recommend 5+ players for this room.

Theme/Immersion – 9.5

Puzzles/Variety – 8

Fun Factor – 8

Difficulty – 10


Reviewed by D