Time2Escape – You’re Next – 8/10

Time2Escape – You’re Next – 8/10

June 8, 2019 0 By ADminRKE

Strood, Kent

Lord Addington has invited you as special guests to attend an evening of fine dining and entertainment at his mansion, on arrival you are shown to your room for the night but very quickly you find out everything is not as it seems, Your in line to becoming the evenings entertainment!

You have one hour to work your way through the lords sick and twisted games to escape with your lives or face becoming the lords next slice of entertainment.

First off, the Time2Escape team = lovely. All of them so nice and so enthusiastic about escape rooms. We chatted far too long and probably kept them from doing lots of work, sorry.

On to the room. It’s pretty well decked out with the theme flowing well throughout. The puzzles, although we were able to look at several things at once, progress in such a way that a story unfolds for you. There are a good variety also and as usual we overcomplicated one really simple one for a while!

They give you 2 different clue options when you start and we opted for no clues unless we ask. We love it when this is an option as we’d rather take a full hour and feel like we experienced the room properly then be get a hint for something that we could work out in just a couple more minutes. There is an option to allow the games master to decide to give you a clue if they feel you need it though and that could be a good option for newer players.

There is a warning that the room has horror themes but there are no live actors and our team wimp wasn’t scared at all so don’t be put off. We thoroughly enjoyed this room and would advise 3-5 players probably best. If doing both rooms give yourself a good couple of hours if you want to get lunch in between as there’s not too much within walking distance. We ended up in Morrisons cafe, which is fine but not particularly exciting.

Theme/Immersion – 8
Puzzles/Variety – 8
Fun Factor – 8
Difficulty – 8


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