The Panic Room – The Dollhouse – 8.5/10

The Panic Room – The Dollhouse – 8.5/10

July 11, 2018 0 By ADminRKE

Gravesend, Kent.

You and your friends wake up inside a gloomy and grim basement. You have been chosen as the next victims of a deranged killer with an obsession for dolls and mannequins known for stripping the flesh off of his victims and much worse.

A grim and haunting tale with many twists and turns to get your heart racing, blood curdling and adrenaline pumping.

His collection grows day by day and night by night, will be become his latest victims? Can you find a way out where so many have failed before you?

Played – November 2017

This is probably R’s favourite Room to date. She loves a horror themed room and this certainly did not disappoint. The way you start the game is great and not to give too much away but it certainly adds to the overall experience. A lot of effort has gone in to the decor in this room. There are a huge variety of puzzles in the room, ranging from precise physical activities to interesting riddles. The theme of the rooms continues throughout the whole game and some moments can be quite scary!

We found 5 a good number for this room but less would also be fine. Those with a nervous disposition should probably check with the Panic Room first about any specific fears before booking this room.

Theme/Immersion – 8.5
Puzzles/Variety – 8
Fun Factor – 8.5
Difficulty – 8

Reviewed by A