The Panic Room – Riddled – 7/10

The Panic Room – Riddled – 7/10

October 26, 2023 0 By ADminRKE

Gravesend, Kent

You and some friends decided to have a night out on the town and wanted to get a bit frisky! Escort ‘Julie Swallows’ was more than happy to oblige, however, you didn’t have the cash. Until you find a way to pay you have been locked in her sex dungeon.

Can you escape? Or is there a kink in your plan?

Played September 2023

I thought this might be a room we didn’t end up doing but ever the completists we wanted to make sure we did it to add to our vast Panic Room portfolio!

Rhys was our host and he kindly explained the awkward situation we now found ourselves in before joyfully handcuffing us all to each other/the bed at the scene of our frisky endeavours. The room was kitted out very thematically of course but didn’t feel very dungeony at this point. I don’t think it’s too much of a spoiler to say that was to come (cough)!

I’ve had some patchy escape room experiences when starting off in handcuffs (keep it clean people!) but luckily we weren’t trapped for too long and could soon get on with exploring. As you can imagine there are some fun things to find and I won’t lie I did get a bit distracted and silly – sorry team!

There was reasonable variety in the puzzles and they had used things thematically but nothing that set our world on fire. In fact we didn’t completely click with this room but it was fun and obviously quite different to the other themes we’ve encountered over the years! Over 18s only of course and the player guidance is 2-6 but I’d probably say 4 is a good number with regards to space and puzzles – we felt a bit crowded on occasion.

Theme/Immersion – 9

Puzzles – 6.5

Fun Factor – 7

Difficulty – 7

Reviewed by K