The Panic Room – Old Father Time – 7/10

The Panic Room – Old Father Time – 7/10

August 29, 2018 1 By ADminRKE

Gravesend, Kent

It’s new year’s eve and Old Father Time has gone missing. Without him there the clocks won’t reset at midnight and time itself will stop completely. You must work together to find out where he went, restore time and reset the clocks so that time may continue on.

Explore his beautiful tree cabin and discover the secrets inside. An awesome fairy tale escape room where time is more important than ever!

Perfect adults and kids alike, we allow 8 years plus in this room. Don’t let the beautiful scenery fool you, tricky challenges and puzzles lie ahead but surely you can save the day!

Played – August 2018

The host was great, really knowledgeable, friendly and as well as offering support with the room he also made himself available for life advice lol!

The room itself is really beautiful with some stand out pieces including large ornamental locks complementing the theme.

There were a couple of unique puzzles which we had not personally come across before and we did enjoy completing them. We lost the story along the way but that may have been due to us concentrating on the puzzles. There was some variety in the puzzles but not as much as we have seen in some of the other rooms run by this company.

We were warned on entry that it is a linear room, which we are not always fans of as we have a team of 5. Realistically we would say this room suits 3-4 people. But a nice room and good puzzles, we would still recommend.

Theme/Immersion – 7.5
Puzzles/Variety – 6
Fun Factor – 7.5
Difficulty – 6

Reviewed by R