The Panic Room – Loop – 9/10

The Panic Room – Loop – 9/10

July 17, 2018 1 By ADminRKE

Gravesend, Kent.

A game that totally redefines the meaning of ‘against the clock’. Step into the laboratory of Frontier Engineering, a research company tackling the unknowns of science, one paradox at a time. They are seeking teams of 2-6 to undertake a one hour trial of a mysterious and powerful device they call ‘The Unit’. They won’t tell us what it does, but they assure us that it is completely safe*.

In this weird science fiction adventure with strong undertones of Portal, you will be transported to impossible places and experience one of the craziest twists in escape room history. Seriously, this game will blow your minds!

Prepare to enter….The Loop!

*may cause brain damage, decapitation, vapourisation** and cellular redetermination

**vaporized subjects get a free hat

Played – June 2018

At time of writing The Panic Room has 19 rooms across 4 locations – 3 in Gravesend and 1 in Harlow. Plan your trips here way in advance as they sell out most of their rooms at weekends. We have been to The Panic Room in Gravesend several times and they never disappoint. All of their games masters are super passionate about their games and they make a real effort to ensure you enjoy the rooms to the max. We love these guys!

Loop was originally a pop-up room that ran in London created by Clockwork Dog and was then subsequently picked up by the team at The Panic Room. We did not get to see the original pop up version, but if it was anything like this recreation people will not have been disappointed.

Our gamesmaster for the room was Drew who was the resident scientist clueing us engineer lackeys in to the standard operating procedure.

Stepping into the room we could quickly see the theme had been carried through effectively and with an impressive build quality. This is what we would call a non-linear room where members of the team could get stuck into different puzzles rather than all being huddled around the same one.

There were many unique elements that we hadn’t seen before with 2 in particular that stood out to the group and really pulled the game and theme together. There’s a nice little surprise that we got to around half way through and it made for some continued gushing from the team over a cheeky ice cream after the game.

Beginners and seasoned escapers alike are bound to find something of interest in this room.

Theme/Immersion – 9
Puzzles/Variety – 9
Fun Factor – 9
Difficulty – 7

Reviewed by D