The Clockwork Hotel – 8/10

The Clockwork Hotel – 8/10

November 3, 2019 3 By ADminRKE

Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex

What would you do if you were handed the keys to your own hotel for a night? Invite all your friends for a big dinner party, play the bartender, sip cocktails, snoop around the rooms, have the spa to yourselves… but here’s the catch… you’ve got to find the keys first! You have one hour and the clock is ticking. Solve challenges and work together to unlock your own hotel. Discover rooms and hidden secrets and follow clues to win the ultimate prize!

Played October 2019

In all honesty we came here with fairly low expectations. It sounds like a gimmick that may not do justice to the world of escape rooms but it..was..fab!

A mysterious welcome awaits you at a very locked up hotel, while you sup Champaign and your fellow guests try to figure out what the evening holds. The hotel is exclusively for you and your guests when you book it so you need to invite at least 15 people but at least you know everyone and there’s no awkward small talk involved.

At 7pm promptly a wonderfully bubbly lady invites you through to the bar area to get a briefing. The staff all seem really excited for you! A quick briefing later you are randomly separated into teams and off you go! All of the teams have to finish to get the grand prize so there’s no sitting back once you’ve finished, get out there and help the other teams!

The puzzles themselves were really fun, almost like fairground games with an escape room twist. A fair amount of skill involved with some observations and a little bit of simple maths too.

Outside of the game itself you get 2 drinks, a three course meal, an overnight stay (all the rooms have puzzles in so why not stay in a room your team didn’t see and try another puzzle) and a barman for as long as you need. The hotel is also very clean and well decorated and the staff were all so lovely.

You have to book for 16-22 people and we think they’ve got the numbers spot on there.

Theme/Immersion – 6

Puzzles/Variety – 7

Fun Factor – 9

Difficulty – 8

Reviewed by A