Tension Twisted Realities – Imp – 6.5/10

Tension Twisted Realities – Imp – 6.5/10

July 24, 2019 0 By ADminRKE


Mr Blofielt has been hiding a secret. A dark secret. His son is, the lord of darkness and hell!

Using his devilish powers, Luther has trapped a certain angel inside a mausoleum. Unfortunately for us, this same angel was the one responsible for keeping the Lincoln Imp imprisoned in stone. The imp is now running riot and trashing a church near the mausoleum and we have no way of subduing him.

We need you, our special agents, to release the angel from her imprisonment, as only she has the power to turn the Imp back into stone, allowing you to retrieve the scoundrel. 

Played – July 2019

Our second room of the day here is billed as the hardest room and probably correctly. It felt like there were more puzzles in this room than the first that we played (Plague). The room is decorated as a church and the mission briefing is given inside.

There was more to do in this room in terms of amount and variety of puzzles and that it branches off so we were occupied longer, rather than crowding around one puzzle, which can be an issue for our team of 5.

We were limited to the amount of games we could play here so we chose this because it is completely unique to Lincoln. We like that we would be unlikely to play a game like this again. As good as some prison games are, we don’t want to play them all the time.

This game would be suitable for beginners and those who have played a few games. 3-4 would be a good number.

Theme/Immersion – 6.5
Puzzles/Variety – 7
Fun Factor – 6.5
Difficulty – 7


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