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Escapement – Wunderwaffe Operation Quartz – 8.5/10

Broadstairs, Kent Travel back through time to the abandoned Quartz laboratory. Located in a bomb shelter in Broadstairs, this laboratory has been kept secret for decades. Only recently discovered by The Network; the highest order of military intelligence.  There’s no official government documentation of the Quartz Machine but rumours describing an artificially intelligent machine, engineered…

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Escapement – Atlantis – 9/10

Broadstairs, Kent Grimhilde Mining Corp found two anomalies when scanning the earth; one could be accessed through a mining tunnel and the other requires you to voyage into the depths of the ocean.  As newly qualified explorers you must board a GMC submarine and travel down 1000 leagues to an underwater air pocket. Explore this…

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Escapement – The Pit – 8.5/10

Margate, Kent The Earth is faced with a severe crisis, and you are mankind’s last hope. ​As some of the best miners in the world, you’re being sent deep underground on an extremely critical mission. Can you work as a team and save the world from utter destruction? Do you have what it takes to…

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