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The Room – Lost Treasure – 8/10

Berlin, Germany Archeologists wanted! A tight passage was found during repair works in the basement of the Humboldt University which leads into an abandoned secret study chamber deep under ground. The brothers Humboldt might have built it centuries ago to examine and hide precious and mysterious artifacts they found during their travels. People say there…

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The Room – Beast of Berlin – 7/10

Berlin, Germany June 1924, Berlin. The city suffers from a heat wave, but even the cooler nights don’t bring relief: a serial killer, called „The beast of Berlin“ is targeting young women in the dark streets of the city. Detective Ernst Gennat has a horrible suspicion: Could the murderer come from his own team? He…

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The Room – Go West – 8.5/10

Berlin, Germany East vs. West vs. East – a Cold War prevails in Germany in the 80s. Your emigration application to the „Golden West“ has been rejected and things start to get tricky. But surprisingly you receive a tip from a secret source: There is a way to the West – you only have to…

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