Room Lockdown Escape – Strange Things – 6.5/10

Room Lockdown Escape – Strange Things – 6.5/10

October 13, 2019 2 By ADminRKE

Hornchurch, Essex

Travel into the Upside Down and hope you’re smart enough to make it out.

A small town in Indiana have been experiencing some strange things. Un-explainable flickering of lights, fuzzy TV’s, unusual power activity. Many neighbours have been complaining about outdoor bins being trashed. In the last 2 weeks, 5 members of the community have gone missing. A witness says he saw a man type figure with no face and long arms. After investigating, it turns out the children of the neighbourhood were right after all. Demogorgons have teamed up with other creatures and plan to take over the world. Can you and your team stop these strange things?!

Played October 2019

Jay was our enthusiastic host who joined us already adorned in some of those familiar coloured lights. He sped through the briefing as we were already familiar with the lock systems and then left us tensely waiting for our cue to kick off.

This was a fun room with a very popular theme currently. The decor was definitely reminiscent of the series including some good nods to the 80s.

There weren’t any puzzles we hadn’t seen before (sometimes challenging these days though) and the room was quite reliant on locks but I think this room would be great for newer players or families with older children. As you can imagine there is an aspect of darkness to the room so probably no good for younger ones! Did also include a little bit of climbing so something to note before you book.

We escaped with over 25 minutes to spare but enjoyed the time we were in there with all five of us able to keep busy most of the time. Special mention for the method of requesting a clue – nice touch!

Theme/Immersion – 6.5
Puzzles/Variety – 6
Fun Factor – 7
Difficulty – 5

Reviewed by K