Room Lockdown Escape – Pirate Escape – 6.5/10

Room Lockdown Escape – Pirate Escape – 6.5/10

October 13, 2019 5 By ADminRKE

Hornchurch, Essex

Ahoy! Start yer adventure in a race t’ get th’ pirates loot afore he be made aware! Yer ship has been captured by th’ pirate ‘n his crew, ye ‘ave been transferred onto th’ black eagle, can ye ‘n yer crew find a way t’ escape ‘n find th’ hidden treasures afore th’ pirate finds it! You have 1 hour or else you walk the plank!

Played October 2019

We were lead into a small room where we had to remove our shoes and socks, tied up, hooded and led into the Captains Cabin! Arrrh.. If you don’t like the thought of bare feet and having a hood over your head then this may not be for you!

The theme of the room was ok, nothing spectacular but fine.

There was some mix of physical and metal puzzles but nothing too innovative or different so certainly no wow factor for us, however would still work well for people new to escape rooms.

The rooms sweet spot is probably 3-5 people.

Theme/Immersion – 6.5
Puzzles/Variety – 6
Fun Factor – 7
Difficulty – 5

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