Room Escape Southend – The Basement – 7.5/10

Room Escape Southend – The Basement – 7.5/10

October 13, 2020 0 By ADminRKE

Played September 2020

Southend, Essex

You find yourselves trapped in the basement of with an evil ghost child. Will you escape with your lifes?

Having played many of the Room Escape Southend Horror rooms in the past, we were really interested to see how much this room would be affected by the lockdown rules including the lack of a live actor in the room. I have to say we were absolutely not disappointed.

Our host Wayne was really friendly. We were a bit late starting due to the last group overrunning but it wasn’t a problem for us and Wayne explained how the Covid rules prevented him running two games at once which was fair enough. He set the scene well and had a good chat with us at the end.

The theming suited the scary, cold dark room with some interesting little features to give you the feeling of being in a basement.

I must say we were really impressed with the quality and variety of puzzles, it’s always nice when a couple of physical ones are mixed in. We saw a few things we hadn’t experienced in a room before, which as an enthusiast who has played many rooms, it’s always great to have some new ideas.

We actually played this as a group of 4 as E couldn’t make it and I felt like this was a really good number to keep us all busy! We managed to get through it with a new record time and we are very much looking forward to returning with our 50% discount next time.

Theme/immersion – 6.5

Puzzles – 8

Fun factor – 7

Difficulty – 7

Reviewed by R