Parapark Malaga – 9th Gateway – 7.5/10

Parapark Malaga – 9th Gateway – 7.5/10

July 17, 2018 0 By ADminRKE

Malaga, Spain.

You will enter the mysterious Mansion of an Andalusian famous family and discover their best kept secret before they come back

Played – May 2018

While holidaying in Malaga, team DARKE couldn’t resist trying out some escaping. Most of the escape rooms in Malaga say that they are suitable even if you don’t speak Spanish but Parapark had some good Trip Advisor reviews so we gave their three rooms a go.

The host was lovely and as usual we made the mistake of telling him how many escape rooms we’d done so he set up all the rooms in hard mode.

In the 9th Gateway, you enter a mansion and have to uncover the family secret. It’s an interesting setting and you should pay attention to the story line to get the most out of the room. There were a few puzzles that we’d not seen before and some custom made pieces and although as far as a mansion goes it was probably a little sparse, they’d really put a lot of effort in to the story and puzzles.

As you’d expect, the host was Spanish but he gave us clues in English as his English was far better than our Spanish (it’s embarrassing really) and despite the occasional language query his help was good and very much appreciated.

The 9th Gateway is a good, atmospheric game which can be made easier or harder and is fine for larger teams.

Theme/Immersion – 8
Puzzles/Variety – 7
Fun Factor – 7.5
Difficulty – 7

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