Panic Room – Ten Fathoms Deep – 7.5/10

Panic Room – Ten Fathoms Deep – 7.5/10

February 16, 2019 1 By ADminRKE

Gravesend, Kent

The H.M.S Rapture – Her Majesty’s long lost submarine from the cold war era – is about to implode! The pressure is building, the water is rising, the safety glass is about to crack! Race against the clock and your opponents in an unforgettable battle of wits and puzzle-solving prowess!

When two rival scavenger squads boarded the vessel, it was accidentally set to self-destruct! Two identical rooms, two crews trapped: only one emergency escape pod remains! Can your team reach the surface? Or will you drown as your rivals seal their victory and your fate? It’s a fight to the finish in this competitive versus event!

The Panic Room’s first versus game makes a huge splash in a sublime experience perfect for teams large or small! Up to 10 players can join this motley crew. Sink or swim, this adventure will definitely be on your radar!

Played – February 2019

Team DARKE’s first vs room experience! Our hosts Remie and Jordon welcomed us onboard and really set the scene well.

It was a well thought out room and you certainly felt the pressure as you could see the other teams progress as the game went on!

The use of technology felt relevant to the room and didn’t detract from the experience in any way and it was a very enjoyable room. There certainly felt like there was enough to do for 5 players.

The clue system was stricter than most rooms as you would expect from a vs. escape room, but worked well and it was good that each team had a person helping them.

Lastly many thanks to the other team. Both teams did incredibly well completing the room in a very fast time.

Theme/Immersion – 8
Puzzles/Variety – 7
Fun Factor – 8
Difficulty – 7

Reviewed by R