Panic Room Harlow – CSI Mafia Murders – 5.5/10

Panic Room Harlow – CSI Mafia Murders – 5.5/10

October 3, 2020 0 By ADminRKE

Harlow, Essex

With a list of suspects you must investigate the crime scene and one by one rule them out to put the killer behind bars! Set inside the stunning set of an art deco Mafia club, it’s an extremely exciting experience.

With only 60 minutes on the clock, can you crack the case in time?

Played September 2020

This was a bit of an odd one as once Holly, our host, had taken us up to the top of the building (beware the stairs at Panic Room Harlow!) and into the room we soon realised that this was one that we had done online during lockdown! It was right at the start of Covid fun-times that we had done it however so although we could remember bits and pieces it didn’t necessarily help us fly through the puzzles and clues in any way.

The art deco theme was nice with some good pieces of furniture – I especially liked the bar! This one is a bit of a murder mystery (no spoilers as that’s kinda in the name) rather than a classic escape room so you find evidence and clues to solve the crime, along the way solving puzzles and opening things up.

There was enough to keep the five of us occupied most of the time although it’s important that you’re happy reading pieces of evidence as that is a core piece of this one. Recommended for 3-6 people although there is space for more (the website says up to 10).

We were frustrated by one thing and having done the room online previously our scores may have been affected by that as an FYI.

Theme/immersion – 7

Puzzles – 5

Fun factor – 5

Difficulty – 7

Reviewed by K