Panic Room Harlow – Carnevil – 8/10

Panic Room Harlow – Carnevil – 8/10

October 3, 2020 0 By ADminRKE

Harlow, Essex

Let me tell you the tale of the Grimaldi Brothers, one kind and one kinda evil. Percevil made a deal with the devil for the Carnival to run forever but all deals come at a cost…that cost was his brother.

More than 100 years later the Carnival continues on, bright lights hiding a dark past. The stench of popcorn and despair is the perfect combination for a fantastic time!

One of the acts Madame Mystica has reached out to you to try and free the carnival and its acts. Can you set them free and escape the haunted carnival? Or will you become one of the attractions forever…?

Played September 2020

Room 3 of the day at Panic Room Harlow and what a room! Our host dressed in full evil clown get up set the scene well for us and told us that we absolutely shouldn’t find out how to break the curse and should definitely not break that curse!

An entire carnival greets you as you enter the room and as you would expect plenty of different side shows to test your skills with! This was a fun room! So much to do and it didn’t feel like we were tripping over each others feet until we had to bring it all together at the end.

We get out of most rooms between 30-45 minutes these days but this felt like a throwback to our early escaping days with the tension of the clock ticking down, this was a hard room for us and we only got out with 5 minutes to spare and it really felt like we were about to fail at any second so the relief and joy of breaking the curse was a great feeling!! Whilst this was difficult for us, we feel we got stuck on some puzzles that others wouldn’t so we gave this a difficulty of 7.

I think this is a great room for larger groups as there is so much to do, it may well be challenging for new players but you would still have a lot of fun win or lose!

Theme/immersion – 9

Puzzles – 7

Fun factor – 8

Difficulty – 7

The Panic Room Harlow, Essex

Written by D