No Escape – Dentists Chair – 7/10 – Now called the Dentist on Oxford Street

No Escape – Dentists Chair – 7/10 – Now called the Dentist on Oxford Street

May 8, 2019 0 By ADminRKE

Oxford Street, London

This Dentist hides a terrible secret. You arrive for your appointment only to find yourself trapped! Quickly you notice the clock ticking down with an hour to escape before he “finishes” your appointment…and you.

Can you and your team escape in time or will you fall to be his next victims?

Played – May 2018 – Now called The Dentist on Oxford Street

No Escape are fairly new and only have the one room at time of writing but the lovely owner has plans to do more. People who are really passionate about playing escape rooms who then go on to open escape rooms, more often than not create a really enjoyable experience we’ve found, and No Escape have done just that.

The rooms location is unusual so if you are planning on going you do need to go in to the shop, up the stairs, past the tattoo parlour (which by the way has the best accidental sound effects for this room) until you get to the top of the stairs, then go right, and the desk is on the right – a warning, before the owner makes you jump.

There are plenty of classic puzzles in this room but also one we’d never seen before. It always amazes us that after so many rooms there’s always something new, maybe we’ve been lucky here. There was also enough for the 5 of us to all be involved in doing something at any one time. We are not fans of all having to crowd around the same puzzle from the get go!

There’s really not much more we can say without giving away spoilers here. The room was well decorated for the theme, the puzzles were good, the host was friendly and the game was good for 5 people. Newbies and seasoned escapers alike should all be able to navigate this room ok.

Theme/Immersion – 7
Puzzle/Variety – 7
Fun Factor – 7
Difficulty – 7

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