Mythologic – The Game – 7.5/10

Mythologic – The Game – 7.5/10

September 7, 2020 0 By ADminRKE

Gillingham, Kent

Maybe the chest was locked to protect YOU from whatever’s inside. You opened the chest anyway. And a board game started taking over your home. You have 60 minutes to defeat the game.

Played August 2020

The team at Mythologic are lovely and very welcoming and are clearly following all the guidelines when it comes to Covid. We had a bit of a chat with them on arrival about the new world we find ourselves in and then it onto the first room.

The room itself in terms of decor has some good pieces in it. It’s maybe not as eye-catching as some games when you first walk in but it makes complete sense for the theme and it works really well. There are of course some secrets to discover and you can tell that a lot of effort has gone in to these.

The puzzles were good too. A decent variety and number. One had us stumped for a little while even though we had once before seen something similar and also been stumped then! You’d think we’d learn! On the whole though, the puzzles were different enough to what we’ve seen before (it always amazes me how room designers manage to keep coming up with new puzzles) that we had to really work for our victory.

Overall I’d say that this room is good for 2-5 people and what also be entertaining for the younger escapees.

Theme/Immersion – 7

Puzzles – 7

Fun Factor – 8

Difficulty – 7


Written by A