Mythologic – Hypnos – 7.5/10

Mythologic – Hypnos – 7.5/10

September 7, 2020 0 By ADminRKE

Gillingham, Kent

Hypnos the infamous evil genius has struck again, and this time it’s you and your team who have been taken. You have just 60 minutes to complete his game, it will take skill, logic & team work to beat him and make your break for freedom.

Played August 2020

We went straight into this room pretty much from The Game because there is currently only 1 room running at a time here to ensure Covid compliance so the room was all ready for us.

We enjoyed the start to this. It’s simar to what some may have seen before but with a bit of a twist and we were soon scattered across the room focusing on our own things.

Again, a good variety and amount of puzzles and some. The finale especially I don’t recall seeing before.

This room would be good for a minimum of 2 players and as a 5 we all managed to keep busy. New and seasoned escapees should all find something in here to keep them engaged.

Theme/Immersion – 7

Puzzles – 8

Fun Factor – 7

Difficulty – 7

Written by A