Lock Down Escape – The Lost Soul – 2/10

Lock Down Escape – The Lost Soul – 2/10

June 26, 2018 0 By ADminRKE

Warrington, Cheshire.

You are a Paranormal Investigator who has been trapped in a VORTEX of LOST SOULS.

You have 60 minutes to piece together evidence, find a trace and solve the puzzles before your soul is forever TAKEN to the other side…Will you escape?


Update: since we went here in 2016 apparently the clue system and some of the puzzles have changed. This rating may not represent the game as it stands now.

Having had the delays and then the disappointing Death Row game we tried to stay positive going in to The Lost Soul. The room you enter was a bit tired but again not badly decorated.

We started off better with a bit more variety in puzzles this time, however when we got halfway through and the game started to get creepy, all of a sudden despite not having signalled for a clue there the owner is, “how are you doing?” and BAM, the immersion rating disappears.

This was followed by some more counting and a super illogical just try all of these numbers puzzle.

We love escape rooms and we hate to give a bad review but it wasn’t for us, sorry. Maybe others would do better? Teams of 4 would be a good number if you’re planning on going.

Theme – 4
Variety – 2
Immersion – 0.5
Difficulty – 10