Keylock Games – Clue Did It? – 7.5/10

Keylock Games – Clue Did It? – 7.5/10

March 19, 2023 1 By ADminRKE

Wickford, Essex

Mr Black, the reclusive billionaire, has invited a seemingly random set of friends to a mysterious dinner party at his mansion. One by one, each eccentric guest arrived feeling curious and nervous to see why Mr Black has got in touch after all these years. Had he found out their terrible secret? Before they could discover the truth, Mr Black stumbled into the hallway and dropped dead! Mr Black has been murdered! Who could have done it, and in which room, and with which weapon!? All that remains is to solve the murder before the police arrive otherwise all the guest’s secrets will become public knowledge. Can you solve the case in time? 

Played February 2023

Our second room of the evening was Clue Did It? Ever wanted to play a big old real life game of Cluedo? Well, here’s your chance. Before we went in we decided to have an extra game, so we all wrote down our guess of who, where and with what the murder happened. Adam kept our guesses in a sealed envelope until after the game. I hope other people do this too.

Anyway, we entered the home of Mr Black and walked straight into the Billiard Room. Okay then, lets forget escaping for five minutes and have a quick game. We can catch up, right?…Right??? Of course we can. An enjoyable little game aside, we needed to get started on working out the murder. This room had some really nice puzzles in. Quite varied again, requiring a mix of skills. There was an old rotary phone in the room for clues if you needed them. What is that? I hear anyone born in the 90’s or later ask. Ah, never mind.

I felt like we were struggling a bit in this room, but we did end up getting out in our normal timeframe. That’s one thing I neglected to mention in my last post actually. The rooms at Keylock have no clocks in them. We love that. Not knowing how much time you have left is super freeing. More of this please.

In a second area of the game, I did manage to skip ahead. I knew I shouldn’t have done it but I wanted to practice a skill I had before we’d found something that would have made the step obviously doable, so I did, and I opened something, and then…. brrrrrriiiing brrrrriiiing…. “Hello there. How did you get into that?… Oh I see…. Oh right, I see…. can you, er, not touch that yet?” of course we wont. We’re not savages!

Eventually we started linking suspects to weapons and before long we all knew that we were out of the race of winning our pre-game game of guess the murder. By some probably-not-as-small-as-I-think odds, I don’t think any of us got even one part correct, so no winners this time.

Overall, another good game from Keylock. When we finished none of us could decide which was better, so we’ve scored them exactly the same. Solid rooms by a lovely company. Check them out.

Theme/Immersion – 7.5

Puzzles – 7.5

Fun Factor – 7.5

Difficulty – 7

Reviewed by A