Illuminati Escape – Titanik 2.0 – 9.5/10

Illuminati Escape – Titanik 2.0 – 9.5/10

February 18, 2023 0 By ADminRKE

Berlin, Germany

Bermuda Triangle

You receive an emergency call of the Titanik 2.0. The ship is sinking! On board is a scientist with important information on a top-secret experiment. You have 60 minutes to save the scientist …

The Titanik 2.0

There are many stories about the ship, about secret experiments on board and ancient artifacts of great power. The research ship Titanik 2.0 was last seen in the Indian Ocean. How did it get to the Bermuda Triangle, 9,000 miles away, within such a short period of time?

The Captain

The captain of the Titanik 2.0 is an old, experienced seal. It is quite surprising that he spent a lot of time in the Nevada desert. There are many incredible stories about the captain and even rumors that he is a member of a secret society.

The Mission

A helicopter will fly you to the sinking Titanic 2.0. You will go on board in two teams, rescue the scientist and finally try to escape from the sinking ship.

Played January 2023

Blimey, there’s a lot of backstory in this one isn’t there. We were lucky that we’re a team of five as it is the perfect number for this game. You will be split into 2 teams plus one person on their own. It says 5-9 players, but 9 might be a bit of a squeeze I think.

This game is wonderful! We put D on his own for this one, so he was the scientist that we had to try to rescue. He was trying to give us information but I seemed to be the only person who hadn’t drowned his voice out, so that was hard work. Ha! Aboard the Titanik, we quickly got to work working our way through the ship. Talking of the ship, the d├ęcor was on point. If they had told me they had put us on a real ship I wouldn’t have questioned them. It took D a while to get into the groove of info giving but he soon got into the swing of it. Communication is really important in this game. It’s not our strongest skill but we were got there.

Part way through we all meet up again so nobody is on their own for too long. Getting to that point though and going on from there, let me tell you, it can be quite physical. There are ladders to climb and areas to crawl through. You will need to be physically capable to do this room.

The puzzles are varied too. They test different skills, there are a good amount of them, and there was some great, working tech. I know! Working tech!!? Wow! There is searching, translation, logic, maths, communication, physical, mental, mystery, skill. It has everything. And the ending. Oh the ending. The cherry on top. I loved it. This was my and E’s favourite game of the whole trip. R’s was Alien Grill, also by Illuminati. All in all, if you’re going to do escape rooms in Berlin, do not miss Illuminati, they are fabulous.

Theme/Immersion – 10

Puzzles – 9

Fun Factor – 9.5

Difficulty – 7.5

Reviewed by A