Illuminati Escape – Alien Grill – 9.5/10

Illuminati Escape – Alien Grill – 9.5/10

February 18, 2023 0 By ADminRKE

Berlin, Germany

A desert in Navada/US

For years rumors have been circulating about something mysterious going on in the desert of Nevada. Investigations have been unsuccessful – except for a small diner, a lost place, there is nothing unusual about this patch of earth. The famous inventor of the quantum computer, who used to regularly travel to this area, disappeared.

Your mission is to find out what is going on there. There is reason enough to look at the small diner once more. After all, it is said that in this area a UFO has once crashed. Is there any truth behind it?

Played January 2023

Our final day in Berlin, we headed to Illuminati Escape. We’d heard good things about Illuminati so wanted to check what all the fuss was about. The first game, Alien Grill, had an interesting theme. I wasn’t convinced it was going to be great though. I don’t know why. I mean, you can see from our scores that I was wrong about that.

Firstly, the staff were lovely and we had a nice chat while they were making sure the room was all ready. They have a nice little system of getting people in and out of rooms via a schedule. I’m not going to spoil it for you. It’s not like a ‘holy wow’ kind of a thing, it’s just kind of cute.

Anyway, we arrive outside this tiny little grill in Nevada and are given our mission. We enter. It’s really dark and really small. We manage to get the lights on and then the game really gets going. Nice little surprises start popping up. Some of them not so little. It’s good. I mean, it’s great actually. The variety of puzzles, the ingenuity behind it, the decorative details – it’s all spot on. Also, there’s tech, and if you’ve read many of our reviews you’ll know we’re not big fans of tech because when it’s broken, it’s rubbish. This tech worked though. Every single thing in this room worked. They either built it robustly, they’re quick to fix things, or we got really lucky. Either way, fab tech.

There isn’t much more to say without spoiling anything. It’s a wonderful game. When you escape you get this professional photoshoot with a print out. It’s a nice little memento that not many rooms give you that we’ve found. After the room we met one of the owners of Illuminati. He was lovely and so enthusiastic. We swapped recommendations and discussed rooms we had all played. The owners are a retired couple with a real passion and it’s so clear from the rooms they have created. Highly recommend this room for all able bodied people. It’s definitely not wheelchair accessible, and while it’s not particularly physical, some of you will need to be able to do a bit of crawling.

Theme/Immersion – 9.5

Puzzles – 9

Fun Factor – 9.5

Difficulty – 7.5

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