Hysteria – Motel California – 7/10

Hysteria – Motel California – 7/10

July 24, 2019 0 By ADminRKE

Chatham, Kent

The year is 1963.
In a motel room on Route 66 there has been a murder. Word has it that a large sum of money is hidden in the room…


Played – January 2019

Our third and final games master of the day, rather thematically, was the lovely American Dakota, who gave us our run down of the room and what our end goal was.

The room itself was decked out really well for the theme and you might even notice some familiar faces.

This room is a first generation deal, so don’t expect lots of tech, but as a team we tend to prefer these as we’ve had some bad experiences with dodgy tech in the past.

The puzzles were really well themed and there was a reasonable amount of variety.

We took the record on this room and got out in 35mins so this played to our strengths but that doesn’t mean it was too easy or bad in any way, just that this one clicked for us.

Overall another good room from Hysteria, with enough for up to 5 people. We’ll be keeping any eye on them as we’d like to come back and try some more of their rooms soon!

Theme/Immersion – 7.5
Puzzle/Variety – 6
Fun Factor – 7.5
Difficulty – 6


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