Hysteria – Forgotten Realm – 7.5/10

Hysteria – Forgotten Realm – 7.5/10

January 12, 2019 1 By ADminRKE

Chatham, Kent

A dark curse has been placed over the Realm. As the hour glass counts down its final hour, the spell must be broken or the curse will remain for all eternity.


Lily was our enthusiastic host for this room and properly got us in the mood to get that curse broken! Armed with just a couple of lanterns to help us in the gloom we entered the room to be greeted by poor wizard Arvi who had been trapped in a painting as part of the curse.

We really enjoyed the theme and decor in this room (great props!) with everything really drawing you into the magical world of witches and wizards.

Although there wasn’t anything we hadn’t necessarily seen before the varied puzzles tied in nicely with the theme and each other. Even with our vast experience of escape rooms we still needed some guidance on one though!

We made good time on this room by working well as a team and using our various skills to work on a mix of traditional and physical puzzles individually or in small groups. Definitely kept all five of us nicely busy which is always a positive!

Theme – 8

Variety – 7

Immersion – 7

Difficulty – 7