House of Tales – The Curse of the Pharaoh – 8/10

House of Tales – The Curse of the Pharaoh – 8/10

February 11, 2023 0 By ADminRKE

Berlin, Germany

You are fearless and know every trick in the book? Only a true adventurer would attempt the dangerous search for the Stone of Iseth. No living human has seen it for centuries. Hidden in the ruins of a cursed pyramid, this treasure has been waiting day after day for his true master.

Are you ready for a journey you might not return from?

Played January 2023

Team DARKE’s second room of the trip was into a pyramid. Yes! I always love this theme because I’ve been and ancient Egypt theme since primary school.

For the start of this one you are split into two groups. You find each other later and the rooms are almost identical so you don’t miss anything. Team DARKE has a long tradition of getting this split drastically wrong. We knew that we’d be split up in this one so we were ready with a new team selection. This one definitely works a bit better.

This room has a bit of everything. Physical puzzles, riddles, logic, observation, Pharaohs. It is absolutely not a room for anyone who is unable to crawl or climb or doesn’t like small spaces. One of the puzzles we solved accidentally so we had to ask the other team what that was all about. When you do all meet up, it’s quite near the end, so be prepared to play as a much smaller team than what you were expecting.

Overall, it’s a fun game. It says it can accommodate up to 10 people, which I’m sure is true, although, I’d say more than 6 and there would be people not really contributing much.

Theme/Immersion – 9

Puzzles – 7.5

Fun Factor – 8.5

Difficulty – 8

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