House of Tales – Obsession – 5.5/10

House of Tales – Obsession – 5.5/10

February 11, 2023 0 By ADminRKE

Berlin, Germany

An unassuming storage room in the heart of Harvard University: the last clue of your longtime friend Professor R.Langdon. Did his research get him into trouble? What is behind the mysterious clues and symbols? Has he made powerful organizations his enemy? It is now up to you to interpret the signs.

How far are you willing to go to find your friend?

Played January 2023

This room is House of Tales newest room at time of writing. It’s an homage to original escape rooms, before all the bells and whistles. As such, it is a single room that you need to search, collate and solve.

Obsession does what it sets out to do. It does feel old school. I’m not convinced that’s a good thing though. I really like the idea of it, I love OG escape rooms, but as players get more and more used to big set design and moving parts, it did feel a little simple.

There were a few types of puzzle. Unfortunately, we used a small amount of data to solve a puzzle which we shouldn’t have been able to solve apparently, so when the GM came in to say that we’d finished, we were completely bemused because there were still two locks we hadn’t opened. Oops. So he then had to take us through what we should have done.

Obsession was a simple game that would be suitable for newbies. I wouldn’t advise more than 4 people in this game.

Theme/Immersion – 5

Puzzles – 6

Fun Factor – 5

Difficulty – 7

Reviewed by A