Hidden Rooms – Chain Reaction – 6/10

Hidden Rooms – Chain Reaction – 6/10

June 26, 2018 0 By ADminRKE

Finsbury Park, London.

A few hours after a nuclear disaster! The radiation has not yet reached the city where you live. As you escape you get a sight of a nuclear bunker. Suddenly you feel free of the great fear in your heart. I am saved – you think. However, the fight for your life is still not over. As you enter the all-important bunker the door immediately closes behind you. There is nothing but darkness and silence here. Or is it? You will have less and less time to find the boot-codes of equipment necessary to stay alive and to be completely secure. Running out of air and there are plenty of challenges to bring to life the abandoned bunker.


Having just finished Prison Break, we stepped in to Chain Reaction. The room itself had quite simple decoration but had a few interesting quirks. If you’ve read the Prison Break review – K had a better experience in here than in Prison Break!

The puzzles were again varied but we think Prison Break had a bit more variety than this room. This room though does have a couple of interesting puzzles that demand a correct response or it sets you back which is not common in escape rooms we’ve done.

There is also a bizarre red herring in here.

Overall a reasonable game for anyone and fine for teams of 2-5.

Theme – 6
Variety – 6
Immersion – 6
Difficulty – 8