Escape Live – Star Quest – 8/10

Escape Live – Star Quest – 8/10

September 7, 2020 0 By ADminRKE

Chelmsford, Essex

Your spaceship the ‘Kestral 1000’ has been attacked by the greatest space villain of all time ‘Dunkel Onkel’. Your thrusters are down and you are heading towards a black hole. The oxygen store has been depleted and you have 60 minutes left to save your crew and escape the spaceship.

Played September 2020

Another Covid secure venue, our lovely host Kiera greeted us and went through the usual safety briefings. We had a good chat about recommended rooms with Kiera and Amy after our game also. It’s always nice when the GM loves escape games as much as we do.

Into the room we go and how can it not be cool? I mean, you’re on a spaceship! It was cool. There were some really interesting pieces in there.

The puzzles were well themed and pretty varied and we all managed to keep busy and find something that played to our strengths at some point. It felt very much a team game requiring good communication. There is some tech in the room as you might expect given the whole spaceship theme and we were pleased with how well it worked.

I think this would suit a variety of groups. Young, old, experienced, newbies. It’s a good all rounder for around 2-6 people.

Theme/Immersion – 7.5

Puzzles – 8

Fun Factor – 8

Difficulty – 7

Written by A