Escape Hub – Inbound – 8/10

Escape Hub – Inbound – 8/10

January 13, 2020 1 By ADminRKE

Maidstone, Kent

Word from France, you have one hour to get TOP SECRET British intelligence to safety. Axis air strikes are INBOUND. Climb and Crawl through the rubble of this bombed London street.

Played January 2020

Our second game of the day here at Escape Hub with our great host Andy and, as seems to be a common factor, another great set. Everything, including the clue system, is on theme at all times, although speaking of clues our lack of willingness to ask for help probably slowed us down a fair bit in this room. Still, we managed to escape but don’t be afraid to ask for help if you feel you need it.

Inbound had a good variety of puzzles, some of which actually reminded me of puzzles you might come across on those Haiku mobile games, but all very on theme and kept all of us busy. You also have an additional goal in this room as well as escaping and I like rooms that incorporate these extras as I feel it gives you a real sense of how you’re progressing. Unlike any other escape rooms we’ve been in there is no countdown in Escape Hub rooms, although your GM may occasionally inform you (on theme of course) how long you’ve got left.

Inbound gets a lot of hype on the enthusiast group and for good reason, it’s a really good room and we’d recommend playing it. We’d recommend playing all of Escape Hub’s rooms though, it’d be tough to choose just one.

Great room for people who have done a few rooms already. Ideal for 2-5 players. 

Theme/Immersion – 8/10

Puzzles/Variety – 8/10

Fun Factor – 8/10

Difficulty – 7/10

Reviewed by A