Escape Basildon – The Illusionist – 7/10

Escape Basildon – The Illusionist – 7/10

May 16, 2022 0 By ADminRKE

Basildon, Essex

The curtains close, the cheering stops, yet you still await the appearance of the Illusionist. Having volunteered to take part in the grand finale it turns out there is a more sinister edge to the Magicians final trick. In order to escape you will need to defeat the magical challenges ahead!

September 2021

After being somewhat disappointed with the three wands, we were led into the Illusionist with a low expectation of what we were about to experience.

The room, as far as it looked to me, was set in a magicians dressing room. I think I was expecting a stage from the description but perhaps that’s on me. It was much more immersive than the previous game, if a little squishy at times.

The puzzles were also much better so I was pleasantly surprised to be actually enjoying myself. A reasonable mixture and some good use of technology. I didn’t find it particularly difficult but I guess that’s subjective.

Overall I’d say if you’re in Basildon and you’re looking for an escape room to do then this one might scratch that itch, but it’d also say the room is very small and more than 3 players could get a bit too much.

Theme/immersion – 7

Puzzles – 7

Fun Factor – 7

Difficulty – 6

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