Dark Master Escape Rooms – Into the Reliquary – 9.5/10

Dark Master Escape Rooms – Into the Reliquary – 9.5/10

May 16, 2022 0 By ADminRKE

Crowborough, East Sussex



We sent a previous party, who established a camp within the walls of a locked temple beside the Tambo river, but we’ve since lost communication with them.

Your mission will be dangerous. You’ll have to explore the jungle, master puzzles, avoid traps and who knows what else. Have your wits about you with this one.


February 2022

Our lovely GM, Ellie, set the scene and opened the door to one of the most spectacular room sets we have ever seen. I mean, if immersion is your thing it’s a must do room for sure. That picture up there at the top of this page? Yeah, that’s from the actual room you’ll be playing in!

When it comes to puzzles, I knocked a point off for a little too much reading for my liking but actually, there are quite a few varied puzzles in there and they are very on theme. We struggled a bit at the start, as usual, with searching. You know what we’re like! But it did keep us busy, and as a team of 5, we like to all have something to do, so that was great.

There are a few elements of technology in the room and they’ve been well incorporated into the theme. It felt very Indiana Jones at times. There are some areas of the room that require physicality, although they can be skipped but you will lose immersion if you do that. 

When we escaped we were taken back in to see something that we had missed because we’re too fastidious and it’s lovely that the hosts don’t want you to miss out on a single thing. The love they’ve put into creating this game is clear.

I think 2-6 players will all be good numbers. 3 is probably the absolute sweet spot to have a blast in this room.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this game and would highly recommend making a trip to visit Dark Master.


Theme Immersion – 10

Puzzles – 8.5

Fun Factor – 10

Difficulty – 7.5


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