Cluetopia – Unhappily Ever After – 8.5/10

Cluetopia – Unhappily Ever After – 8.5/10

May 31, 2021 0 By ADminRKE

Played May 2021

Walton-on-the-Naze, Essex

You will be transported to the wonderful Fairytale world of Happy Land where everything is perfect. But wait, something is wrong, things are not as they should be. The tale is being twisted. You and your team are part of the story and must ensure you save Happy Land and have your Happily Ever After.

Our host Glen was really enthusiastic and friendly. We did two rooms previously in clacton with him and he was interested to see how we would get on in their new room. So gave us the background story and got us started.

Loved the theming in this room it really worked with the story and had a few surprises along the way. The ending was also enjoyable it certainly was the room that kept on giving.

There were so many different types of puzzles in this room. We did get stuck quite early on but were desperate to be the first team to do it without clues so we persevered and succeeded. It’s very easy to miss things so just keep looking at everything if you get stuck!

The room is definitely suitable for 5 enthusiasts, we were all kept busy and felt like we always had something to focus on.

Although we didn’t eat here, D and A went to Aria’s coffee house just across the road and said it was nice.

Theme/immersion – 8

Puzzles – 8.5

Fun Factor – 9

Difficulty – 8


Reviewed by R and E