Cluetopia – Prisoner X – 6.5/10

Cluetopia – Prisoner X – 6.5/10

May 31, 2021 0 By ADminRKE

May 2021

Harwich, Essex

You work for a secret government agency. Unfortunately, your team leader was captured while on a mission. Your team needs to break them out of prison. You only have one chance, so make it count. You have 60 minutes before the prison guard returns. Can you save Prisoner X?

Nathan was our awesome and enthusiastic host at the Harwich venue of Tricky (now Cluetopia) and he really got us hyped to go again for room two of four on the day after a car journey from Walton.

The theme is a classic one for escape rooms of course and this is where it all started for Tricky Escapes. The decor is quite basic but that does actually emulate a prison quite well – the representation of a cell was done nicely with investment in some pretty realistic props.

As we’ve done most of Tricky’s rooms now we’ve seen a nice progression through their puzzles and ideas. This being their first means the variety is lowest but still pretty solid for escape rooms in general although quite linear. This was the only room we had to ask for a clue for all day and boy did we feel silly – always the way on those occasions when we need a clue!

This room is suitable for anyone as definitely accessible for beginners or older kids as well as those who’ve done quite a few rooms. Five of us was too many at times but would work for newer groups – minimum of 3 I would say for reasons that will become obvious when you enter!

Theme/immersion – 6

Puzzles – 7.5

Fun Factor – 6

Difficulty – 7


Reviewed by K