Cluetopia – Magic & Mystery – 8.5/10

Cluetopia – Magic & Mystery – 8.5/10

August 12, 2019 0 By ADminRKE

Clacton, Essex

The well respected headmaster and grand wizard is missing. Your team are his brightest and most trusted students. However, Since you were the last people seen with him suspicion points to you. You have 60 minutes to enter his lair and uncover the mystery of his disappearance before you are captured by the society of magic.

Played – August 2019

Wow what can we say, two fantastic escape rooms – great themes, puzzles and hosts at Tricky Escape (now Cluetopia) Clacton.

Arriving at Tricky Escape we were greeted by Glen, a friendly character with a clear passion for escape rooms. We were early and spent the next 20 minutes talking about all of the different rooms we’d done. It’s easy to to see why they are such good friends with the guys at Time 2 Escape. We were glad to visit and support this family run business.

So to the room. As we walked in it was clear to see that real effort was put into the theme. Nothing looked out place nor was it too cluttered, avoiding the temptation to over do it.

The puzzles are set out in a non-linear fashion, which is great for us being a team of five. There was a good mixture of puzzles without too many padlocks and innovative ways of revealing and solving clues. There is is some technology involved and it was great to see all of this work so well.

A great room for 5 people, we all had something to do, but equally enjoyable for smaller teams. We think this room would be suitable for newbies and enthusiasts.

We had so much fun in this room and we currently hold the record for fastest escape time, so go beat us..but not too soon, eh!

Theme/Immersion – 9
Puzzles/Variety – 8
Fun Factor – 9
Difficulty – 7

Reviewed by E & A