Cluetopia – Chaos at Calamity Mine – 6.5/10

Cluetopia – Chaos at Calamity Mine – 6.5/10

February 11, 2023 0 By ADminRKE


Whilst your team of explorers were travelling through a cave you stumbled across a long abandoned mineshaft. Suddenly, tremors fill the cave and the walls begin to collapse, separating you from the rest of your team. Can you escape the mine before you run out of air, or will you be caved in?

Played November 2022

Now I must caveat this score. This was our fourth room if the day and as a result of tiredness, we struggled with some things that we really shouldn’t have, and ended of overrunning by about 4 minutes. That obviously marred the experience somewhat, but I did argue that our ineptitude is not Cluetopia’s problem, and so the team did meet me halfway when we came to scoring. Had we done this room second, we may have not felt the same kind of pressure.

As you enter this mine, you are split up. Here we see Team DARKE’s other mistake. For some reason whenever we get split up we go with girls v boys. We don’t think through our individual strengths and weaknesses, or how we communicate with each other. We have since tried a new split which works better. Anyway, you’re split up and you have to communicate to help solve puzzles in the other room until you can group back together.

There were various puzzles, all mine related of course, and game style puzzles too. This is a classic Cluetopia move. We love them usually. Unfortunately, our communication massively let us down, so by the time we got past the game style one, we were FRANTIC! So, soooo many puzzles to do in so little time. Dear reader, Team DARKE SUCKED!

Because of our poor performance, and frantic, last minute puzzle solving, we all kind of split up and worked on small bits each. There are plenty of puzzles that I’ve no idea about. For that reason, I’m going to keep this review short.

Go play the game. I’m sure it’s even better than we thought it was. Don’t go when you’re too tired or hungover though!! 😉

Theme/Immersion – 6

Puzzles – 7

Fun Factor – 6

Difficulty – 6

Reviewed by A