Clue Adventures – The Book of Secrets – 8.5/10

Clue Adventures – The Book of Secrets – 8.5/10

July 11, 2018 0 By ADminRKE

Mile End, London.

On New Years Eve 1999 top magician and magic inventor Alistair Wilson vanished from a glass box, never to be seen again. No-one knows why or even how he vanished. You and your team have one hour to solve the mystery and to find his famous Book of Secrets before his former home is demolished.

Played – March 2017

Cheaters need not apply, there is no not completing the full puzzle in this one. The Book of Secrets escape room has magic galore and it’s a delight to complete their puzzles. Some are variants of puzzles we’ve seen before and some were unique but they managed to stick to the theme incredibly well which is not something that happens in all rooms.

There are some pieces in here that a lot of effort has gone in to. It’s a real feel good game and we highly recommend it to players of all ages, experiences and team numbers and we hope you enjoy.

Theme/Immersion – 8.5
Puzzles/Variety – 8
Fun Factor – 8.5
Difficulty – 7

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