Chelmsford Escape Rooms – Crazy Cat Lady – 6/10

Chelmsford Escape Rooms – Crazy Cat Lady – 6/10

February 11, 2023 0 By ADminRKE

Chelmsford, Essex

You’ve promised The Crazy Cat Lady you’ll look after her cats while she is away.  In one hour she’ll be home and all six cats have been mischievous and are missing.  You have one hour to find the cats and get out of her house before she returns.

Played July 2022

As is often the case with Team DARKE, getting in was harder than getting out. Why are we like this? We managed to get in to the building by following some ladies who looked like they were about to join a yoga class. Then we had to find a host. At this point I’m starting to think we could give the crazy cat lady a run for her money.

Host found, we get the usual briefing of do’s and don’ts. Reader beware, you are emailed a video of instructions before you attend and you are tested on it! Well, we were anyway. Thankfully, between us, we’d paid attention to enough to pass the test. Whew!

Upon entry to the crazy cat lady’s home you are given your backstory. This is actually important to listen to, you are once again tested on it a little later on. The room is fairly cosy and is full to the brim with colour and pictures, it’s difficult to know where to even begin looking but we soon got going.

Interestingly, this room was actually designed by a child. It’s pretty incredible really. Because of this, there are plenty of puzzles that children can help with and things they’ll recognise from kids pop culture, and I think that this really is a room designed for families in that way, and personally I would say a maximum of 5 people, but overall, it was a fairly fun room, but maybe not for the hardcore enthusiast.

Theme/Immersion – 6

Puzzles – 6

Fun Factor – 6

Difficulty – 6

Reviewed by A