Category: Reviews 5-7 out of 10

Quest Room – Prison – 5/10

Willesden Green, London. You will be locked into a jail where many arrested people spent their times before. They all have left clues about their escape for the next inmates. But if you aren’t familiar in those circles you may haven’t heard about them, You have to find it for yourself to get out in…

By ADminRKE June 26, 2018 0

Sherlock Unlock – Chaos – 6/10

South Quay, London. You knew something was wrong … Your memory is hazy… Somewhere near the Jurassic you remember a massive collision… Was it an asteroid, a massive T-Rex… Or something even worse? Nobody knows quite where Walter Spiegel has disappeared to… Life on Earth hangs in the balance… It is down to you to solve…

By ADminRKE June 26, 2018 0