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The Panic Room – Prison Van – 7.5

Gravesend, Kent You’re breaking the law as dangerous convicts! Cooperate to solve puzzles and make a break for it! Sweet, sweet freedom is within your grasp! You’ve been caught, tried and convicted! During the transport to a maximum security prison, the secure vehicle taking you is involved in an accident. The vehicle is immobile, and…

By ADminRKE April 22, 2019 2

The Panic Room – Resurgency – 7.5

Gravesend, Kent Can you defeat B. Last at his own game? Defuse the bomb, or blow up under pressure! In 2016, The Panic Room narrowly avoided catastrophe when notorious trickster and bomb-maker Brenden Last placed a live explosive in the room. Thankfully, a team of players were able to solve Last’s puzzles and defuse the…

By ADminRKE April 22, 2019 2

Omescape – The Penitentiary – 7.5/10

Kings Cross, London The ultimate prison break experience Escape the “Night Stalker’s” cell before it’s too late… Water White, more commonly known as the “Night Stalker” is one of America’s most infamous serial killers. He was reported dead last year, but there is talk among the other prisoners of mysterious circumstances. An unexplained machine was…

By ADminRKE April 11, 2019 1