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VR Malaga – Escape Room VR – 7/10

Malaga, Spain. VR MÁLAGA HOLO VR ZONE♥ is the first Virtual Reality Center in Malaga, we have recreational rooms in Málaga Centro and the Plaza Mayor Shopping Center, it is a VR ARCADE of the future, specially designed to enjoy games and experiences in Virtual Reality, we have with rooms prepared each for Leisure and…

By ADminRKE July 11, 2018 0

Deadlocked – The Phoenix Research – 7.5/10

Reading, Berkshire. Professor Bradley Samwell, the quirky head of research at the Wexell Corporation, has gone missing. His bizarre disappearance coincides with the completion of some rather questionable, but valuable research on a project called ‘Phoenix’. The Wexell Corporation has asked your team, with your very specific set of skills, to investigate the missing employee…

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The Panic Room – Dino Land – 7/10

Gravesend, Kent. Dinoland is the biggest attraction that Gravesend has to offer! A dazzling 75 minute experience that fills nearly 2000sq ft for young and old in an adventure like no other! Running through the headquarters of Dino Land, where you can come eye to eye with our Prehistoric Predators from the past! This state…

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