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Panic Room Harlow – Strike Force – 6.5/10

Harlow, Essex We’ve just received troubling news earlier today that General Mayhem has become unstable! Before he could be relieved of command, he has activated the counter strike nuclear protocol and disabled the mainframe system! Gain access to the abort button hidden within the General’s bunker and deactivate the counter strike. It’s the only way…

By ADminRKE October 3, 2020 0

Mythologic – The Game – 7.5/10

Gillingham, Kent Maybe the chest was locked to protect YOU from whatever’s inside. You opened the chest anyway. And a board game started taking over your home. You have 60 minutes to defeat the game. Played August 2020 The team at Mythologic are lovely and very welcoming and are clearly following all the guidelines when…

By ADminRKE September 7, 2020 0