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Escapement – Wunderwaffe Operation Quartz – 8.5/10

Broadstairs, Kent Travel back through time to the abandoned Quartz laboratory. Located in a bomb shelter in Broadstairs, this laboratory has been kept secret for decades. Only recently discovered by The Network; the highest order of military intelligence.  There’s no official government documentation of the Quartz Machine but rumours describing an artificially intelligent machine, engineered…

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Escapement – Atlantis – 9/10

Broadstairs, Kent Grimhilde Mining Corp found two anomalies when scanning the earth; one could be accessed through a mining tunnel and the other requires you to voyage into the depths of the ocean.  As newly qualified explorers you must board a GMC submarine and travel down 1000 leagues to an underwater air pocket. Explore this…

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Hounds – Questionable Ethics – 8/10

Crawley, West Sussex 1967, Location: [CLASSIFIED] Civilians are going missing. Rumour has it that they are being experimented on at an abandoned soviet facility. Anyone who points the blame on the higher ups vanishes the next day, now you’re next up to disappear from society. Lucky for you though, your captor has other plans. Go…

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