Access Escape – Dark Magik – 7/10

Access Escape – Dark Magik – 7/10

April 19, 2020 0 By ADminRKE

Canning Town, London

Do you and your team have what it takes to escape Olrephior’s lair? You will need to work together to smell, feel and communicate your way through the dark and figure out the puzzles to collect the stolen dragons eggs. 

You will have one hour to solve the puzzles and escape the room which will be in complete darkness throughout the whole game.

Played February 2020

We were not completely sure what to expect from an escape room in the dark. So many questions, how can we comment on theming when we can’t see anything? How can we solve puzzles without our eyes? Surely we will just be aimlessly walking around bumping into things….. well we really did not need to worry!

The waiting room was currently being developed and is based in an old pub! We were taken upstairs to the room and given an overview of the room and scenario from our host. We each had a little bag ready to collect the eggs.

The room was waiting for us behind a big blackout curtain and as you enter you realise this really is happening in complete darkness. As you feel your way around you start to find the familiar locks you have experienced in other escape rooms and can start to relax!

Somehow the puzzles just make sense and you can use your hands and communication with your team members to work out what to do! Given the circumstances we were pleasantly surprised with the range of puzzles.

We managed to find all eggs and escape with time to spare! If you are lucky enough to take a peak at the room after you have escaped it won’t be anything like you imagined.

A good room for enthusiasts, purely because of the completely different approach to the room, although newbies would still definitely enjoy the room. A group of up to 6 would have plenty to do!

Theme/Immersion – 7

Puzzles/Variety – 7

Fun Factor – 7

Difficulty – 7

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